At Oh Sierra, “work” is a state of mind.

We bring a fresh perspective to entrepreneurship with a focus on conscious collaboration, mindful interaction, and ultimately, PLAY, to the small business and self-employed space. Your life is up to you. We’re here to introduce you to new ways to bask in the freedom you have chosen for yourself. 

Our goal is to function as more than designers, but integral members of your team as we work together to dive deep into what you truly want out of your business, in the long and short-term. Bringing a brand to life is about more than visuals – to us, it’s about lighting a fire in you that doesn’t take no for an answer, and cultivating a fierce understanding of what it takes to achieve the success you deserve.

We are avid travellers, foodies, and enthusiastic dog-parents who approach our business the same way we approach our life: with intent, honesty, excitement, and just the right amount of inhibition. With our expansive set of skills, experience, and a genuine drive to produce authentic, memorable & unique work, we look forward to getting creative with your dreams.

Stop grinding, start dreaming – building a sustainable brand and career should feel like a vacation, every step of the way. 

Let us help you build a life you want to live in. 


Xanthe + Frank


Stop grinding,
start dreaming.